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Thank you for visiting Perry Productions!  

I shoot many types of videos.  From pageant winners to animal clinic tutorial videos, from weddings to funerals, from gas station to restaurant highlights.  There's not much I don't have experience with when it comes to videography.  However, I pride myself and take claim in the title of wedding videographer.  Weddings are my favorite type of shoot and edit to produce!!  I thrive off the pressure of such a powerful day.  I love experiencing families uniting as one, the girls getting all dolled up, the guys having fun, the ceremony, the dances, the toasts, I could go on and on.     

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you enjoy and experience some of the emotion a wedding video has to offer. For all you non-wedding folk stopping by, we can meet your needs too!  Contact me and I'd love to hear what you have in mind.